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Nothing is more Foul than the Devil – The Irregulars

Nothing is more Foul than the Devil – The Irregulars


And I get to draw a Plague Doctor, using my Faber Castell and Artline Pens. Shaded with Koi brush pens.

i am always intrigued by the image of Plague Doctors. They were always a symbol of horror instead of healers. I always see them in scary flicks. My latest encounter with this is in The Irregulars, a supernatural series, pretty well done. I’ll be covering a review here soon. One quote though that really stuck with me is this:

Nothing is more foul than the devil…

The Irregulars

What is a Plague Doctor?

A plague doctor was a physician who treated victims of the bubonic plague during epidemics. These physicians were hired by cities to treat infected patients regardless of income, especially the poor that could not afford to pay. Plague doctors are often depicted in Halloween costumes and seen as a symbol of death and disease… read on


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