web and graphics solutions

xdcweb can help you create a new brand or rebrand your business to be better suited in this progressive ever changing world.

Here are the services we offer:

Graphics Design

Traditional and Digital Art Commissions

  • We create simple character artworks from cartoon, anime to digital characters.

Desktop Graphics Design

  • We design logos, business cards, flyers, posters and brochures all catering to whatever your business needs.

Web Development

Single Landing Page

  • This is a basic poster like single page that will serve as welcome, splash or landing page for your site visitors. This includes images and forms to help you connect with your target viewers.

Standard Website (Static 4 pages)

A standard website consists of 4 major pages:

  • Home : This is the first page they will see and may contain a welcoming info about your business
  • About Us: It will carry the informative history of your business of company
  • Products and Services: This page contains marketing materials or contents on what your business offers or sells
  • Contact Us: The last page that contains your contact information and how a client can contact you or ask about your services or products

WordPress Web Design

  • A full Content Management System Website that allows you to edit or customize after the final design. This can either be a blog, a showcasing site, informative news pages or anything that contains dynamic contents. The website will solely be created using the WORDPRESS platform.

Other Types of Websites

  • Other types of websites such as eCommerce, Survey Sites or Marketing Apps.