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The New 2022 Apple IPAD 10th Generation is now in the Philippines

The New 2022 Apple IPAD 10th Generation is now in the Philippines

Apple's New Ipad 10
Apple’s New Ipad 10

The New 2022 Apple IPAD 10th Generation

The IPAD family is known to showcase the most powerful tablets in their genre, period! Let’s face it, IPADs’ are easy to use, fast and contains apple’s powerful chips.

The New 2022 IPAD 10th generation is Apple’s entry level IPAD and is now available here in our country for ₱29,990.00. I know! It’s more expensive than the original price of the 9th Gen but the new IPAD has a lot more to offer, at least that’s what they said.

What’s New

  • This new IPAD contains the new A14 Bionic chipset, more powerful than its predecessor.
  • It has a larger 10.9 Liquid Retina inch display yet still not laminated, so it’s not anti-reflective
  • a higher quality 12MP rear camera nut who uses a tablet for taking serious photos, right?
  • a new USB-C port for charging and external file access.
  • Front camera is now situated at the center on a landscape view for better video calls.
  • No more Home button. Instead the Touch ID moved to the top of the device.
  • New colors! Pink, Blue, Yellow and Silver.

The Pencil Issue

Here’s something weird: This new iPad is only compatible with the 1st gen Apple Pencil. We know that already. The weird part is that, this iPad is now using USB-C and the 1st gen Apple Pencil charges using the lightning port. Gone are the days where you stick the butt of your pencil inside the port hole of the iPad making it look like it has a tail. Now, you need to avail an adaptor worth Php 590.00 so you can charge your pencil. whoa!

The Tech Specs

  • A14 Bionic processor
  • 10.9-inch display
  • $449 starting price tag
  • 64 and 256GB capacities
  • Apple Pencil support
  • 12-megapixel Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage
  • 12-megapixel rear camera
  • Touch ID

Should you buy this iPad?

If you don’t have a tablet or using a really ancient iPad, this is the tablet to get when you want a fast tablet that will last you for years. Sure, there are less expensive android tablets that can compete but remember: it’s an iPad! If you can set aside nitpicking on the display, speaker quality and a bit of the price hike, it’s a good investment.

If you already have the 9th Gen iPad, Skip this one.

If you’re a power user and wants the best there is in a tablet, save more coins and target the iPad Pro.

Other Info

You can check out Apple’s site for more colorful marketing info on this device here: iPad 10.9-inch (10th generation) – Apple (PH)

You can order online at Apple Philippines her : Buy iPad 10.9-inch – Apple (PH)