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The Upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra 2023 – The Rumors

The Upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra 2023 – The Rumors

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra 2023
Apple iPhone 15 Ultra 2023

The Upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra – The Rumors

We just had the taste of the best and the latest from the iPhone 14 series and yet tell tales of the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra kept coming.

Are these rumors so enticing that they will make you take a pause on getting the iPhone 14? Let’s see.

Here are the supposedly neat stuff on the iPhone 15 Ultra:

  • Two Front Camera (wide and ultrawide)
  • Initial storage will be 256gb with 8gb RAM
  • will boast a USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4 speeds and features
  • A Titanium Metal on the sides
  • will also feature a better dynamic island widget support
  • A Much Improved Triple or Four (I doubt this…) Camera Setup on the back with Periscope Lens for better and longer optical zoom
  • ofcourse it will be faster and more powerful using the A17 Bionic Chip

But believe me, this kind of amped features will come at a cost and I mean dollar cost… I’m seeing a 100-200 USD increase in price based on the current iPhone 14 pro max SRP.

Anyway, That’s all for the moment. I’ll keep you posted for more iPhone 15 Ultra Updates.