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Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days – #Dalnet

Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days – #Dalnet


Quondam Asinine was an alias I used long time ago when I was still chatting on MIRC … leading the pack in #QC Dalnet as the SuperAdmin … Those were simple days where you just type and press enter… The nick as it was called before was titled by my wife “Tender_Lilac”

Social Media is not a thing yet. IRC was the way to communicate with friends and peers…

There were a lot servers and channels running the show. Aside from #QC, I also frequent #Poetry channel where people share their poems and free verses and let the others give their comments.

There also trivia games that let you answer general questions by typing in the correct words or answers.

ASL (age sex and location ), BRB (Be right Back), LMAO (Laughing my ass off), GTG (got to go), ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) and other acronyms were born during the IRC days.

The client is the best thing in IRC, MIRC is not a system hog nor a memory eater. It’s small and would run the oldest pc capable of windows or DOS…

I can go on and on with the retro glimpsing… but it will always remain as part of tech history… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok and the rest are the rulers of the internet community.

It was better before… when people weren’t social media whores…


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