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MTG Arena – Standard Dimir Control Deck with Professor Onyx, Ashiok, Ugin and Tibalt Cosmic Impostor

MTG Arena – Standard Dimir Control Deck with Professor Onyx, Ashiok, Ugin and Tibalt Cosmic Impostor


MTG Arena Strixhaven Original Dimir Standard Deck… Not Net Deck… Own-Brewed… Your win condition varies from Professor Onyx, Ashiok, Ugin or Tibalt… hey it can also be the Crawling Barrens or a huge Shark… This is an unexpected control deck… It doesn’t fit the Meta, so in a certain level, your opponent may not know the concept… it’s a good strategy when you’re deck is a bit Unpredictable.. The most wins I get with this that my my opponent concedes most of the time 


Yorion, Sky Nomad

4 Creatures
4x – Valki God of Lies / Tibalt, Cosmic Inspector

40 Non-Creatures
2x – Cling to Dust
3x – Negate
2x – Omen of the Sea
2x – Test of Talents
2x – Eliminate
3x – Heartless Act
2x – Mazemind Tome
1x – Midnight Clock
1x – Mystical Dispute
3x – Saw it Coming
1x – Inscription of Ruin
2x – Baleful Mastery
3x – Extinction Event
2x – Shadows’ Verdict
2x – Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
3x – Shark Typhoon
2x – Sublime Epiphany
2x – Professor Onyx
2x – Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

36 Lands
1x – Sea Gate Reborn / Sea Gate Restoration
1x – Jwari Ruins / Jwari Disruption
1x – Castle Vantress
1x – Castle Lochtwain
1x – Field of Ruins
1x – Crawling Barrens
4x – Clearwater Pathway
4x – Riverglide Pathway
4x – Blightstep Pathway
2x – Temple of Deceit
4x – Fabled Passage
6x – Islands
6x – Swamps

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