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Nobody 2021 Movie Review with Bob Odenkirk – Spoiler Free

Nobody 2021 Movie Review with Bob Odenkirk – Spoiler Free


If you love John Wick… You’ll definitely love “Nobody”… pun intended!

This is a story of a seemingly average family man, Hutch Mansell, who lives his life in a normal cycle. Wake up, breakfast, work, go home, dinner, sleep. Everything works like clock work until the night burglars broke into their home. He had a chance to fight back but he backed down and his son, disappointed, never looked at him the same way again. And that moment became the spark that brought back his life from the past.

Nobody is all about the “BUS” scene because this is one of the best scene and the beginning of his comeback. I wont speak more about it. It’s for you to see. The story goes on as Hutch Mansell has run in with the wrong type of people and now he has to connect with his past self to face the present threat. He’s obligated to keep his family safe.


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