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mysque.com … what to expect

mysque.com … what to expect


mysque.com … what to expect?

My daughter Xylestine.Com, who’s currently taking up Media Arts in UST, asked me if I can put up a site focusing on her art works. While I currently created her personal website at https://xylestine.com, I think it’s more appropriate to have a site focused on her creations.

mysque.com is currently under construction. For now, I just made a simple splash page to put a face (literally :D) on the webpage. Most of her works displayed in her instagram account will be featured here. And hopefully, I can encourage her to start blogging using this site, hehehe.

Artists are lazy people. Being one, I feel that this is not intentional. Speaking in behalf of others, I think that my free time should be focused on more productive things like drawing and other things that is connected to my hobbies or skills. I don’t really spend time on other tasks and I feel that household chores are more of an obligation than something I would enjoy exerting time and effort. Sleeping and Staring at nothingness are not really signs of laziness in my opinion. It helps me free up my mind from the chaos of reality so I can build concepts in my head on my next drawing.

Like it says in the page, LIFE IS JUST A RANDOM ARTWORK…

Below are samples of her work to be featured…

There’s more here…

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