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Microsoft Windows 11 is here!

Microsoft Windows 11 is here!


A Subtle Design Upgrade

Windows 11 showcases a simpler and subtle look and feel with bright but calm colors. I really like the default wallpaper. The aim of the design is for easy accessibility and to be more user-friendly .

It will also feature a translucent window design with rounded border and sets of new wallpapers.

Start Menu Now at the Center

The Start Button is now centered which reminds me of the native layout of Mac. It is well implemented and clicking it pops a simpler window that displays a grid of selected apps, documents and an all apps button to view all your apps and programs.

Accessible Widgets

Widgets will be in Windows 11. You can customize and personalize these widgets on how they will be displayed on your desktop. There will numerous widgets available like Weather, photos, calendar and so much more.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 will feature snap layouts to arrange your layouts. You can choose from an array of grid arrangements where you can select what active windows will be displayed. This will free your desktop from clutters and windows will be easier to view and access.

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